beer flight


Deschutes   “Pinedrops” IPA.  Hoppy west-coast style that emphasizes the piney and sprucey, resinous characteristics of the regional hops.   $5.50   6.5% ABV

Founders   “Centennial” IPA.  A delicious floral and fruity brew that features the Centennial hop.   $5.50   7.2% ABV

Krombacher “Pils”   A crisp clean and refreshing pilsener from Germany. You can knock these back all night long!    $5.50   4.7% ABV

Spiteful Brewing   We always have something tasty from our neighborhood brewery. Everything from Double IPA’s to flavored porters and stouts. Prices vary.

Surly   “Hell” lager.  This is a golden colored German-style Helles lager that’s clean, crisp and thirst-quenching.    $5.50   5% ABV



Destihl   “Flanders Red” sour ale. From their Wild Sour Series comes a Belgian-style sour red ale with flavors of tart cherries and sour candy with a dry wine-like finish.   $6.50 (12 oz. can)   6.1% ABV

Maui   “Coconut Hiwa” porter. From the islands arrives a delicious dark ale with hand toasted fresh coconut and notes of mocha chocolate.   $6.50 (12 oz. can)    6% ABV

Revolution   “Sun Crusher” ale. Simply put this is a hoppy wheat ale. Bright, clean and crisp with wonderful citrus notes. Crush these all night long!   $5.00 (12 oz. can)   5.3% ABV

Spiteful   “Working for the Weekend” Double IPA. Aggressively hopped yet retaining solid malt character for a well-balanced big beer.   $7.00 (16 oz. can)   8% ABV

Toppling Goliath   “pseudoSue” pale ale. Stellar brewery out of Iowa that recently entered the Chicago market producing outstanding ales. A single-hop brew showcasing the Citra varietal. Aromas of grapefruit, citrus, mango and evergreen.   $7.00 (16 oz. can)   5.8% ABV

21st Amendment   “Hell or High Watermelon” fruit ale. Real watermelon added to a delicious wheat ale that’s not too sweet.   $5.00 (12 oz. can)   4.9% ABV