beer flight


Alaskan Amber ale.  A delicious German-style Alt beer that ferments more slowly than most ales (a result of colder temperatures akin to lagers). Amber in color with a rich malt flavor and subdued hops for great balance.   $6.00   5.3% ABV

Great Lakes   “Christmas” ale.  The ever-popular holiday brew made with honey, ginger and cinnamon.   $6.00   7.5% ABV

Lagunitas   “Brown Shugga” ale.  A strong copper-amber colored beer. Brewed with specialty malts and copious amounts of brown sugar.   $4.75 (10 oz.)   9.8% ABV

Three Floyd’s   “Alpha Klaus” Christmas porter. Brewed with English chocolate malt, Mexican sugar and plenty of strange hops.   $6.00   6% ABV

Spiteful Brewing   We always have something tasty from our neighborhood brewery. Everything from Double IPAs to flavored porters and stouts. Prices vary.



Delirium Noel ale. Belgian strong ale, chestnut-amber in color with significant spice characteristics and some bitterness.   $10.50 (11.2 oz.)   10% ABV

Destihl   “Here Gose Nothin’ ” sour ale. From their Wild Sour Series comes an ancient German-style tart ale using wild yeast and lactic fermentation. The result is a refreshing liquid with lemon-lime citrus balanced by coriander and sea salt.   $6.50 (12 oz. can)   5.2% ABV

Maui   “Coconut Hiwa” porter. From the islands arrives a delicious dark ale with hand toasted fresh coconut and notes of mocha chocolate.   $6.50 (12 oz. can)    6% ABV

Rodenbach Belgian sour red ale. A delicious blended barrel-aged beer from the brewery that practically invented the style. This tart and fruity brew is a blend of young and old ale.   $6.75   4.5% ABV

Spiteful   “Working for the Weekend” Double IPA. Aggressively hopped yet retaining solid malt character for a well-balanced big beer.   $7.00 (16 oz. can)   8% ABV